What are visiting hours?
Visiting hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 7 days a week.
Can the residents bring personal effects with them when they are admitted to Charlotte Hall?
Yes. Though space is limited, we encourage our residents to bring in personal belongings to give the room a more home-like atmosphere.
Can the residents bring their own furniture?
Yes. Though space is limited, the residents are permitted to bring in small furniture as space allows.
Does the US Department of Veterans Affairs cover the full cost of care for veterans at Charlotte Hall?
The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides three levels of per diem to veterans who reside in a State Veterans Home.
  • Assisted Living Care - The current per diem (effective 3/01/2020) is $49.91 per day towards the cost of care.
  • Nursing Home Care - The current per diem (effective 3/01/2020) is $115.26 per day towards the cost of care.
  • VP1 (70% or greater service-connected veteran) - The full cost of care is covered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for nursing home care. This benefit does not apply to assisted living care.
Are private rooms available?
Yes. Private rooms are given to residents who have a medical necessity first (i.e. isolation). After that, the residents who have the ability to pay for a private room receive one. Medicaid will not pay for a private room unless there is a medical need for the resident to have one.
What pharmacy do you use?
We have our own in-house pharmacy.
Can the residents wear their personal clothing?
Yes. Residents are permitted to wear their personal clothing. The Facility can launder clothes or the family can launder them.
Are spouses of veterans eligible for admission to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home?
Yes. A non-veteran spouse may be eligible for admission if the veteran spouse meets the eligibility criteria.
Can residents go home over the weekend for a visit?
As long as the resident's physician feels that it is safe for the resident to go out for leave and as long as the family feels comfortable doing so, we encourage families to take the resident home for a visit.
Is transportation provided to medical appointments?
Yes. Transportation is provided daily to the DCVA Medical Center free of charge. Transportation for other medical appointments can be arranged, but a fee may be charged.
Are internet, TV and phone service available?
Yes. We offer free HD cable, free local telephone, and free Wi-Fi services. TV's and computers are also available for use throughout our home.
Are tours available?
Yes. Please contact our Admissions Department to schedule a tour. Their phone number is 301-884-8171 ext. 5111.


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