Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
29449 Charlotte Hall Road
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Main Phone: (301) 884-8171
COVID-19 Hotline & Visitation Phone: (301) 290-3077

To reach your family member please dial 240-577-7000

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Health Management Resources (HMR) of Maryland at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home 

Health Management Resources of Maryland, LLC staff at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is dedicated to providing stellar service to our Veterans.  Whether our resident's needs are Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing, we ensure the proper care and quality of life for each and every one.  We have on-site training and support for our nursing staff so they remain up-to-date on all State regulations and services in addition to Culture Change information that enhances the lives of our residents.

Extension 5209
Assistant Administrator
Extension 5109


State of Maryland Staff at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

The State Staff at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is responsible for: monitoring the management contract and oversight of the contractor for resident care and facility maintenance; oversight of state land, facilities, equipment, budget, and resident advocacy; and maintaining relations with federal and state agencies, veteran and community organizations.

Deputy Director
Extension 5101


Department Email and Phone Extension List

Extension 5111
Assisted Living Director of Nursing
Extension 5154
Assisted Living Manager
Extension 5153
Business Office
Extension 5136
Extension 5134
Extension 5186
Environmental Services
Extension 5219
Human Resources/Personnel
Extension 5126
Extension 5225
Extension 5117
Medical Records
Extension 5207
Extension 6105
Recreational Services
Extension 5143
Rehabilitation/ Physical Therapy
Extension 5168
Safety & Security
Extension 5256
Social Services
Extension 5192
Skilled Nursing Director of Nursing
Extension 5115
Extension 5123
Veterans Benefits
Extension 5112
Volunteer/ Community Outreach 
Extension 5143


Community Nurses Station's Email and Phone Extension List

Assisted Living Unit 1D
Extension 5149
Assisted Living Unit 2D
Extension 5198
Assisted Living Unit 3D
Extension 5212
Skilled Nursing Unit 1B
Extension 5161
Skilled Nursing Unit 2B
Extension 5200
Skilled Nursing Unit 3B
Extension 5213
Memory Care Unit 1C
Extension 5165
Memory Care Unit 2C
Extension 5205
Skilled Nursing Unit 3C
Extension 5217
  Skilled Nursing Unit 1A
Extension 5146
Skilled Nursing Unit 3A
Extension 5210


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