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Cost of Resident Care

HonorThe cost of resident care is determined based upon the level of care required by the resident. The cost for veteran residents' care will be reduced by various subsidies provided by the VA, and in some instances, the State of Maryland. Non-veteran spouse residents, however, are not eligible for State or VA subsidies.

Charlotte Hall is Medicare and Medicaid certified, and also accepts private payment made by the resident, and payment by some third party medical insurance. 

Assisted Living Care
The cost to veteran Assisted Living residents is calculated based upon the amount of each resident's income. In most cases, veteran Assisted Living residents are permitted to keep 10% of their net monthly income as a spending allowance, and pay a monthly cost of 90% of their net income. "Net income" is defined as a resident's gross income from all sources, less any costs for health care insurance, and/or court-ordered support payments.

Resident ActivitiesNon-veteran spouse Assisted Living residents are required to pay the full cost of their care, prescriptions and ancillary services. The actual daily rate will depend upon the level of care the resident requires. The level of care is determined prior to admission, but is subject to change after admission dependant upon changes in the resident's condition.

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