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Admission Requirements

Who is eligible to be admitted to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home?

  • A Maryland veteran, age 62 or older, who served on full time active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, other than active duty for training, and was discharged or released under honorable conditions.
  • Certain members of a reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces who meet the legal residence requirements.
  • Certain Non-veteran spouses of eligible veterans to be admitted to Charlotte Hall.

Persons not eligible for admission to Charlotte Hall

  • A person whose only separation from one of the Armed Forces of the United States was other than honorable.
  • A person ordered to report to an induction station that was not actually inducted into the military service.
  • A person who is convicted of subversive activities after September 1, 1959 against the United States shall have no right after the date of the commission of the offense to admission based upon the period of active military service commencing before the date of commission of the offense. Eligibility shall be reinstated if a pardon is granted by the President of the United States.
  • A person under the age of 62, unless disabled and unable to work through no fault of their own, and who is receiving disability benefits from either Social Security or the VA.
  • A non-veteran spouse of a veteran not eligible for admission to Charlotte Hall.
  • A non-veteran spouse who cannot provide proof of legal marriage to a veteran who is eligible for admission.
  • A divorced/former non-veteran spouse of a veteran who is eligible for admission.
  • A non-veteran spouse that cannot pay for their care, and has no insurance or is not eligible for Medicaid.
  • A person with medical or mental conditions beyond the Home's capability to care for them.
  • A person with a history of violent crime, substance abuse, sexual offenses, or currently under charges for one or more of the above.

Establishing Admission Eligibility

An individual's status as a veteran, and legal residence within Maryland, or status as the legal non-veteran spouse of an eligible veteran, must be established by specific and substantial evidence before the veteran or spouse may be admitted.

Evidence of Qualifying Military Service

One or more of the following documents constitute acceptable evidence of qualifying military service.

  • Military discharge records, such as a Form DD 214 or WD AGO Form 53-55
  • A document issued by the National Personnel Records Center that carries the weight of an official discharge document.
  • A document, or State records, that establish honorable, active military, naval or air service.
  • A report of retirement points credited to members of a reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Evidence of Maryland Residency

The applicant must establish that he was a resident of Maryland at time of entry into service (Home of Record on the DD Form 214), or immediately prior to admission. A "resident" means a person:

  • Who is domiciled in Maryland, and/or
  • Who owns, rents, or leases a primary place of residence in Maryland, and/or
  • Who has filed as a Maryland resident for income tax purposes the year immediately preceding admission.

Residency can be confirmed in one of the following manners:

  • Evidence of legal residence at time of entry into Armed Forces shall include:
  • Military records, such as a DD Form 214, which establish a Maryland home of record at time of entrance into military service. (If the military record contains only a permanent mailing address, place of entry, or place of discharge, the residency must be proved in another manner.)
  • Draft board records, or State records, establishing legal residency at time of entrance into military service.
  • Proof of legal residence to qualify for admission may be met by providing at least two of the following, in the applicant's name and showing the Maryland address:
  • A current valid Maryland Driver's License.
  • A certified copy of a Maryland income tax report form, filed by the veteran the most recent year preceding admission.
  • A current voter's registration card.
  • The records of a nursing home, hospital, or institution where the veteran may have been a patient immediately preceding admission.
  • First class mail from Federal or State government agencies, including postmarked envelope.
  • Utility, telephone, & cable TV bills.
  • Checking or savings account statement (bank or credit union) including canceled checks with imprinted name and address.
  • Life, car, health or homeowners insurance card, bill or policy.
  • Residential rental contract.
  • Any other substantial evidence that may establish the required residency, at the discretion of the Home.

Burden of Proof in Establishing Eligibility

The burden of proof in establishing eligibility for admission to Charlotte Hall is upon the veteran, his Responsible Party, his next-of-kin, or legal representative. Veterans who need to obtain verification of their service may contact The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) at 410-230-4444. The MDVA has service record data for Marylanders from WWI to the present, with the exception of Korea and the peacetime period immediately following Korea. If a veteran is unable to obtain verification of their service from the MDVA, they should complete a SF-180, Request Pertaining to Military Records and submitting it to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. A SF-180 form may be obtained by contacting any of the MDVA offices.

Right to Appeal Eligibility Determinations

The veteran, his Responsible Party, or legal representative may appeal a decision concerning eligibility of a veteran for admission to Charlotte Hall. The appeal must be in writing and submitted to the Director, Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. If the applicant desires to appeal the Director's decision, the next and final appeal must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs. This appeal may be heard by the Secretary or his designee.

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